Magento 1.6.1 setup doesn't work if you have wrong date/time on server

I've spent around one day trying to fix following error message from Magento after clean installation on CentOS 6.2 under VirtualBox:
"Illegal scheme supplied, only alphanumeric characters are permitted"

Another symptom: database table core_config_data contains only 2 rows. Something broken in installation process...

Problem source: Web-setup wizard of Magento was run in browser on workstation. Workstation and VM had different date/time. You ask me why? Because: I didn't install VBox Addons in CentOS and I restored snapshots with frozen time (1h, 2h, 1d before now)
Somehow Magento 1.6.1 setup can't complete process successfully in such case. I assume this issue could appear if you have wrong date/time on real server.

Guys, do not repeat my mistake :-)

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